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For use in preparation of a 0.5% chlorhexidine
diacetate solution for dipping the teats of cows
after milking.
To prepare 1 gallon of a 0.5% solution for dipping
teats: mix 32 fluid ounces (1 qt.) of Chlorhexidine
Diacetate Solution 2% with 6 fluid ounces of glycerin, then add clean potable water until you have a
total volume of 1 gallon.
Daily teat dipping should start 1 week before cow
freshens. During lactation, dip each teat into 0.5%
solution immediately after the cow is milked. When
the cow is dried off, the teats should continue to
be dipped in the 0.5% solution once a day for 3 to
4 days. Dip each teat so that the lower 1 inch of
the teat has been covered with the 0.5% solut

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