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Replamin Gel Plus is a supplemental source of amino acid chelated/complexed minerals and vitamins for use during periods of stress (such as weaning, moving and castration) during which feed intakes may be decreased and supplemental nutrients may be of benefit or as a source of supplemental nutrition for animals which may have mineral and/or vitamin deficiencies.

Feeding Directions/Recommendations:
Cattle: Beef & Dairy (including veal calves, feeder cattle, cow/calf, and convalescent cattle and fresh cows). A single serving should be given to feedlot/stocker calves during processing. Convalescent cattle/calves should be given Replamin Gel Plus as nutritional support during the recovery period as needed.

Horses: For routine weekly feeding, use up to 1/2 the recommended therapeutic serving.
Goats: 2-5 cc per head depending on weight. Repeat as needed or as directed by your vet.
Pigs: For optimum performance of show pigs, give 5 cc (not more than once per week).

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