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With added new features and extra-durability calf dehorner from PORTASOL is the perfect tool for
dehorning herds of young calves 3 days – 8 weeks old. Removing the pre-emergent horn (debudding) is
the most humane and efficient way to eliminate horn tissue in calves. This method of dehorning both
kills horn growth and controls bleeding by cauterizing the blood vessels while minimizing potential of
infection. Designed for and by farmers and veterinary surgeons, PORTASOL Dehorner makes it possible
to dehorn and debud anywhere in the field, pen or barn.
Length: 238mm
Weight: 330g
Operating Time: 45mins
Tip Temperature: 650C / 1200F
Refill Time: 20 seconds
Gas Type: Butane Lighter Fuel quadruple filtered is recommended
Tip Selection: 2
Fitted Ignitor: Click to ignite and now added optional manual ignition
Temperature Adjustable: Yes
Ignition: #1 click red button to ignite
# 2 Manually ignite with lighter or match

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