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Why is owning a self un-loading hay trailer so important Consider this:

Loading is fast and easy, saving you time and money. Unloading is even faster!
Once the bales are loaded, there is no need to tie down the load in most cases. Caution should be used, however, when transporting on a highway. Remember, this is a farm implement.
Self unloading feature eliminates the need for a loader to be at the storage point. It is so easy to do that you can probably get momma to do the hauling and unloading.

Why is the ORANGE OX the best value in self un-loading hay trailers Consider this:

The number one reason is our double latch system. Most of the trailers we know of use a single latch to secure the trailer cradle. This puts up to 12,000 lbs. of pressure on the latch. By using a double latch the pressure on it is cut in half. Much safer, more durable. See picture below that shows what can happen to a single latch trailer.
The OX is structurally stronger than many other trailers on the market.
The OX is more stable. Its frame is five foot wide versus most other trailers with only a four foot wide frame. Speaking of the frame, the OXs frame is constructed of 3 x 5 x wall rectangular tubing instead of 2 x 4. Heavier, stronger, more durable.
The OX uses one-piece rail supports instead of cut and welded supports. This greatly reduces the number of welds in the construction. By the way, ALL of the OXs arms are reinforced with flat steel.
All Orange Ox trailers come standard with spring loaded and retractable jacks, brake, tail & clearance lights, 16 steel wheels, 10 ply tires, safety reflectors and a two year structural warranty from T & B Welding (tires and axles are warranted by the manufacturer). Also included are electric brakes, E Z lube axles, and safety chains.

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