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Re-Borne whole, liquid, bovine colostrum is specially formulated to deliver a more potent and bio-available colostrum to livestock and show livestock as an all-natural supplement, and colostrum replacer. It aids the muscle development and maintenance of show livestock throughout their competitive season, but it also guarantees the passing of the immunity and growth factors needed for newborn calves to survive and thrive in the world.
When utilized as a pre-show regimen, Re-Borne can maintain increased immunity while on the road or on the farm, and aid in maintained weight gain, all while delivering a full complement of unique nutritional advantages of all of the components for gut health and overall animal health and wellbeing. Some of these influential nutritional components actually act as natural prebiotics, allowing for the natural good microflora of the G.I tract to thrive and aid in optimal nutrient absorption.
Re-Borne allows you to naturally maintain thriving competitive livestock without the use of steroids or steroid like substances, and or other unnatural harmful substances.

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