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One BRAND NEW DD-3 Digital-Dairy Refractometer provides reliable estimates of the percent solids in waste milk, blood plasma protein concentration, colostrum quality, and calf hydration.

Monitoring solids content is a problem associated with waste milk feeding. Just place a few drops on the refractometer to determine the percent solids and adjust them to desired levels with calf milk replacer.

MISCO’s DD-3 refractometer can also test for colostrum quality using the Brix method. A measure of blood plasma protein concentration or blood IgG levels can be used as an indication of passive transfer.

Mild dehydration can occur without symptoms until it is nearly too late. Whether due to scours or other causes, calves can lose up to six percent of their body weight in fluid before there is any visual indication of dehydration. The large-animal urine specific gravity scale can be used to quickly identify at-risk calves.

Temperature compensation is automatic for fluids read between 10 and 40 C (+50 to 104 F).

Included are: MISCO Palm Abbe Refractometer & Instruction Manual (Does NOT include the Protective Rubber Armor Jacket)

This is the Refractometer of Professionals!

MISCO DD-3 Palm Specs:

Scale 1 Fluid: Brix; Unit of Measure: Brix; Range: 0 to 85; Resolution: 0.1; Precision: +/-0.1

Scale 2 Fluid: Urine – Large Animal; Unit of Measure: Specific Gravity (D20/20); Range: 1.0000 to 1.0650; Resolution: 0.0001; Precision: +/-0.0005

Scale 3 Fluid: Blood – Animal – Total Protein By Refractometer (TPr); Unit of Measure: g/dL; Range: 1 to 14; Resolution: 0.1; Precision: +/-0.1

Scale 4 Fluid: Total Solids in Waste Milk; Unit of Measure: % Total Solids; Range: 0 to 30; Resolution: 0.1; Precision: +/-0.5

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