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Now its possible to dehorn cattle any where! This dehorner hooks up to an ATV or any vehicle with a 12V battery. fast, easy, and sanitary, the D-Bud Dehorner cuts and cauterizes all blood vessels, stopping blood supply to the horn. Takes approximately 3 to 5 seconds to de-bud calves (ideal age to debud is 3-6 weeks). Stress on calves and operator is minimal (a calf will eat right after you debud and will not have any weight loss). Tip heats up in about 3 to 4 minutes with a tip temperature of 1,275 F. Does not use flammable fuels and there is no risk of electrical shock. No flies, infection, or bleeding. This lightweight, portable, handheld tool features aluminum and stainless steel construction. Self-contained with no moving parts to wear out. Dehorner comes with cable and battery clips that you can use to hook up to a 12V battery. 15-ft. cord.

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